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A section of An LDAP Roadmap & FAQ: A tutorial aid to navigating various LDAP and X.500 resources on the Internet

by: Jeff Hodges
Last updated: 6-Dec-2001
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Note: This is the old list of "flashes" from the main LDAPRoadmap page. some of them may be interesting, some not, your mileage may vary, etc.


[Noteworthy stuff for folks to be aware of. This list is nominally a push-down stack - most recent stuff on top. I timestamp 'em as I add 'em. Some stuff may be kinda stale. Your mileage may vary. ]

I picked up a copy for myself. Archie's done a very good job IMHO. The book is somewhat more broad than HSG (aka Howes-Smith-Good, aka the "LDAP Bible") in it's presentation. Both books do attempt to provide a "soup-to-nuts" coverage of directory services themselves, how they fit in an enterprise's network infrastructure, and deployment case histories. One can probably get by with one book or the other. But, with stuff as complex as directory services and their deployment, it's arguably worth it to have both books in order to have two different perspectives on whatever subtopic one's particularly interested in. Reed provides a pretty thorough terminology discussion (Appendix A) and a good overview and analysis of directory standards (in Appendix C) that are wothwhile to have. Additionally, the book contains a CD that itself contains several directory server implementations, various tools, and applications (most of which appear to be trial-ware (aka evaluation copies)). He has the CD available as a web site here: DirectoryService.com. Also, I must disclose that I'm personally pleased to see the Oblix Corporate Services Administration v3.5 included on the CD (!). [7-May-2000; minor editorial updates 5-Jul-2000]