Kings Mountain is one of the hills or mountains (which it is depends upon your perspective) located centrally on the San Francisco Peninsula. It is located in Woodside's (Woodside, CA) backyard, which in turn is located in Redwood City's and Menlo Park's backyards.

Kings Mountain is covered by verdant Coastal Redwood forests and hosts three of the most superb cycling roads I have ever ridden: Kings Mountain Road (aka Kings, as it's referred to by the local cycling community) on the East side of "the hill", Tunitas Creek Road (aka Tunitas) on the West (aka "coast") side of the hill, and Skyline Blvd, aka Hwy 35, running down the hills' spine from north (Pacifica) to south (above Santa Cruz). Kings Mountain itself hosts a quiet, distributed community on its top & sides which is relatively unheard from except for its fall art & wine festival and great restaurant, the Bella Vista.

There is a particular other Kings Mountain, on the United States' East Coast -- in South Carolina, on which some of the United States' early formative history played out. There are also yet more "Kings Mountain"s, see Wikipedia for details

Last updated: 4-Oct-2012
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