Where’d July go?!*@%!#

I was in RWC for only six nights out of 31 here in July. Lessee, beginning on 1-Jul — Duluth & Cook, Minnesota (visiting relatives & friends); Montreal, Quebec, Canada (IETF-66); Minneapolis, Minnesota (visiting friends); home for a night; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (Liberty Alliance Sponsors’ meeting & Identity Open Space – Vancouver (IOSVan) ); home for night; Yosemite National Park; then back home on 28-Jul. whew.

Have some stuff to post here from above travels once I figure out how to post pictures into a wordpress-based blog such as this one. Apparently I need to decide on an appropriate WP plugin and then likely do some attendant PHP hacking. Mebbe WPv2.x already includes such functionality? whatever, it’s gonna take cycles to figure this out… thus: “more later”. Hope your August is going well, mine looks to be fairly “routine” as opposed to July, which was decidedly “non-routine” 😉

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