Ubuntu 7.10 DVDs available at Barnes & Noble and Borders

I was browsing in the newsstand section at my local Barnes & Noble recently, and noticed a bright red & white magazine with “Ubuntu 7.10 + edubuntu, kubuntu, xubuntu” across its cover. Upon reading further I noticed it contains two bootable DVDs, one with the aforementioned four distributions in 32-bit, and the other with the same four in 64-bit. The price is $15. Wow, very cool. As I am presently running Kubuntu 6.10 “Edgy Eft” on my lapstation and thinking about upgrading, I bought it. I’ve played around with the 32-bit DVD and booted up each of the distros, and installed Kubuntu on a separate disk just to check if all works ok, and it did.

The magazine includes articles about installing and configuring, with lots of illustrations and screen shots. Well-suited for checking-out Ubuntu by newly interested parties.

Apparently, the publishing company behind this (as well as “Linux Identity Office” and “Fedora 8 – Linux Identity Kit“) is OXYpress LLC, with presences in both France and the USA.

Of course, one can always download any and all flavors of Ubuntu for free from..


..but I’ve been wanting to check out the edubuntu and xubuntu flavors, as well as 64-bit Kubuntu, so picking it up in a nice pre-done package is great. Saves the hassle of downloading and burning discs and such.

I also noted a similar “MandrakeGNU/Linux distro magazine, apparently from a different publisher (but I’m not sure, don’t quote me).

=JeffH sez check it out 😉

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