Review: Primus still sux :)

So they, Primus, may be supposedly tired of their fans yelling “Primus sucks!”, but the fans aren’t — well the ones at the show Tue 5-Dec-2006 at San Jose Civic Auditorium weren’t.

In fact, during several extended low-key “mumbling” jam sections, a few in the audience got way ticked off and were yelling more than “sucks” and demanding that they “play f**king primus music, you f**king pussies!!!”.

I thought the show was great, and I had a blast introducing one of my sons to the fine art of survival and entertainment in the mosh pit. I returned to the IIW2006b conference the next day with a big grin and no visible bruises. John Kemp commented that “you like to live dangerously don’t you?” in his inimitable British way.

Warning: Moshing May Occur

I really liked the opening act, Gogol Bordello — I’d not heard of them before. They put on a fairly wild show. Likely even more so if they were headlining. My comment after their set was “that was a very Primus opening act”.

JeffH sez check ’em both out ifn ya get the chance.

Solid State Logic’s “Disarray” and GAMH headline gig!

Solid State Logic (SSL), a strong up-and-coming post-nu-metal (or however you wanna label ’em) SFBay Area-based band, which I have written about before (in the context of Born Naked) has their debut album, Disarray, available on CDBaby. I like it, and so does at least one of my sons :) . It’s great to have met the drummer, Jay Michaelis, and to have seen them live.

I was looking at upcoming club listings and note that SSL are going to headline the Great American Music Hall (GAMH) on Friday 14-Jul-2006. I’m bummed that I have a conflict and can’t go — however maybe my boys will be able to catch it. Turns out one of them is taking bass lessons from the same instructor as SSL’s bass player — small world!

Music Blurb: Born Naked

Did a bit of a road trip this weekend and got some uninterrupted music listening time. I’d stumbled across Born Naked a couple of years ago when surfing the web — the drummer, Jay Michaelis, teaches around the Bay Area Peninsula and advertises on Craigslist (where’d I run across him), and in following various links, I’d come to Born Naked’s site where they had a small sampling of their tunes, which I liked. In exchanging subsequent email with Jay, I discovered he had just one more (ie The Last Available) copy of their third CD, the so-called “black cd“, and it came with a long-sleeved T-shirt and I could have it for $10! Well, anyway, after a fun little drive in Der Heap over to Pacifica, and meeting him face-to-face (nice guy), I had my CD and T-shirt. After listing to it (the CD), I bugged him about putting all the rest of their prior two CDs on the Web since the band is (unfortunately) defunct and Jay is on to bigger and better things. Turns out that over the next year or so they did just that, and we all can obtain the full catalog of Born Naked CDs in reasonably high-quality MP3s RIGHT HERE.

So back to my listening sojurn — man, that’s a good band and those are good albums. You need to be open to neo-metal alt-rock or whatever you want to try to call it.

See also: Born Naked’s MySpace page.

I’ve also managed to get out to catch Jay’s new, current project, Solid State Logic at Slim’s, and they are also a good, tight, innovative band. I hope they find a sustaning audience! Their debut CD is now available (Jay’s 3d from left in the picture) ! I need to get it….