Rockin’ Katz! …plus just plain Krazy Katz!

A colleague sent me this link…

..which I’m calling “Rockin’ Katz” since the page’s admin didn’t entitle it. It’s a scream, especially if yer into various genres of music.

There don’t appear to be a whole lotta links to the above page (yet). Though when discussing the page with another colleague whilst at the IETF meeting last week, she pointed me to this one…

..which is also a hoot, and is an apparent take off on the I am in your base killing your d00ds” gamer’s meme

JeffH sez check ’em out!

Biodiesel subculture sprouting…

Sounds like a good thing to me. The story is humorous, interesting, and worth a listen…

NPR: Deep-Fried Fuel: A Biodiesel Kitchen Vision

I want a front porch

We live in a residential “PUD” (“Planned Unit Development“) where the houses are, as I term them, “detached townhouses”, on relatively small lots. I.e. backyards are tiny. Since we have little traffic, kids go out and play in the front yards and the streets (think: basketball, kickball, bikes, etc). And thus we actually get to meet many of our neighbors and informally socialize outdoors. I’ve thought several times over the years that the one main thing I’d change on the home design in the development would be to incorporate front porches. I’ve felt that such a simple change would further foster our neighborhood’s community-building. And since our weather is mild pretty much year-round, they’d see a lot of use.

Lo and behold, I heard a recent NPR piece on front porches…

NPR : Porches Knit Together New Urbanist Communities

It seems that there is a “New Urbanism” “urban design movement” that incorporates and promotes front porches (and several other design characteristics). Cool stuff.

And there’s a few other apropos NPR pieces in the thread…

A Spell on ‘The American Porch’
Sitting on the Porch: Not a Place, But a State of Mind

Ever wondered about “hurricane hunter” flights?

If so, check out this recounting of a particularly nasty flight in 1989:

Hunting Hugo — Electronica to move you

Geoff Goodfellow (Geoff’s blog), an Internet pioneer, having returned from his Praha (Prague) sojourn a year or so ago, is now KZSU‘s “rpm/electronica department director”, and produces his show in the guise of his persona. Check it out!

Where’d July go?!*@%!#

I was in RWC for only six nights out of 31 here in July. Lessee, beginning on 1-Jul — Duluth & Cook, Minnesota (visiting relatives & friends); Montreal, Quebec, Canada (IETF-66); Minneapolis, Minnesota (visiting friends); home for a night; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (Liberty Alliance Sponsors’ meeting & Identity Open Space – Vancouver (IOSVan) ); home for night; Yosemite National Park; then back home on 28-Jul. whew.

Have some stuff to post here from above travels once I figure out how to post pictures into a wordpress-based blog such as this one. Apparently I need to decide on an appropriate WP plugin and then likely do some attendant PHP hacking. Mebbe WPv2.x already includes such functionality? whatever, it’s gonna take cycles to figure this out… thus: “more later”. Hope your August is going well, mine looks to be fairly “routine” as opposed to July, which was decidedly “non-routine” 😉

Solid State Logic’s “Disarray” and GAMH headline gig!

Solid State Logic (SSL), a strong up-and-coming post-nu-metal (or however you wanna label ’em) SFBay Area-based band, which I have written about before (in the context of Born Naked) has their debut album, Disarray, available on CDBaby. I like it, and so does at least one of my sons :) . It’s great to have met the drummer, Jay Michaelis, and to have seen them live.

I was looking at upcoming club listings and note that SSL are going to headline the Great American Music Hall (GAMH) on Friday 14-Jul-2006. I’m bummed that I have a conflict and can’t go — however maybe my boys will be able to catch it. Turns out one of them is taking bass lessons from the same instructor as SSL’s bass player — small world!

Of the ‘Millennium Simulation’…

…i.e. “Simulating the joint evolution of quasars, galaxies and their large-scale distribution

Yeah, yeah, this is so “old slashdot”, but I recently re-viewed the videos on that site and am reminded at how it helps me visualize how small a piece of the universe our galaxy is, and how big and uniform said universe is. The video downloads are “large” for those of us with < 100mb/s connectivity, but worth it IMHO.

In Memorium: Ohio – Kent State, May 4, 1970: America Kills Its Children

Lest we not forget, as we collectively rush through a seemingly all-too-similar morass, and some of my children near the age of 18…

Kent May 4 Center

"[36 Years ago, on] May 4, 1970 the Ohio National Guard opened fire into a busy college campus during a school day. A total of 67 shots were fired in 13 seconds. Four students: Allison Krause, William Schroeder, Jeffrey Miller, and Sandra Scheuer were killed. Nine students were wounded."

Kent State shootings (Wikipedia)

Kent State, May 4, 1970: America Kills Its Children (Reprinted from The Ethical Spectacle, May 1995)

May 4th, 1970 Kent State (educational page)

"This [above] page is dedicated to the man who inspired me [the author, “Reese”, of above page] to study the May 4th tragedy all those years ago—my former high school teacher, cooperating teacher, former colleague and current friend, Greg Parrish. He was there at Kent State on May 4th, 1970. "

Ohio by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young (

Tin soldiers and Nixon’s coming
We’re finally on our own
This summer I hear the drumming
Four dead in Ohio

Gotta get down to it soldiers are cutting us down
Should have been done long ago
What if you knew her and found her dead on the ground
How can you run when you know

How Kent State could happen again (Alternet blogs)

Music Blurb: Born Naked

Did a bit of a road trip this weekend and got some uninterrupted music listening time. I’d stumbled across Born Naked a couple of years ago when surfing the web — the drummer, Jay Michaelis, teaches around the Bay Area Peninsula and advertises on Craigslist (where’d I run across him), and in following various links, I’d come to Born Naked’s site where they had a small sampling of their tunes, which I liked. In exchanging subsequent email with Jay, I discovered he had just one more (ie The Last Available) copy of their third CD, the so-called “black cd“, and it came with a long-sleeved T-shirt and I could have it for $10! Well, anyway, after a fun little drive in Der Heap over to Pacifica, and meeting him face-to-face (nice guy), I had my CD and T-shirt. After listing to it (the CD), I bugged him about putting all the rest of their prior two CDs on the Web since the band is (unfortunately) defunct and Jay is on to bigger and better things. Turns out that over the next year or so they did just that, and we all can obtain the full catalog of Born Naked CDs in reasonably high-quality MP3s RIGHT HERE.

So back to my listening sojurn — man, that’s a good band and those are good albums. You need to be open to neo-metal alt-rock or whatever you want to try to call it.

See also: Born Naked’s MySpace page.

I’ve also managed to get out to catch Jay’s new, current project, Solid State Logic at Slim’s, and they are also a good, tight, innovative band. I hope they find a sustaning audience! Their debut CD is now available (Jay’s 3d from left in the picture) ! I need to get it….