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Jeff Hodges 

=Jeff.Hodges or =JeffH (those are i-names)
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Senior Member Technical Staff - Information Security, PayPal, Inc.

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This Internet Beachhead established 1994
Last Updated or otherwise repaired: 7-Feb-2015

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Disclaimer: This is my personal homepage. I'm not speaking here for any past or current employer or client.  Also, various portions of these pages are woefully out-of-date (e.g., Kings Mountain Systems, and An LDAP Roadmap & FAQ). Caveat emptor!

For (occasionally) current works-in-progress and presentations:
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Selected Papers & Documents...

(Please note that it's good to remember that many documents, e.g. many protocol specifications, are works-in-progress. See RFC2026.

My IETF "author page" is here.   My Google "citation page" is here.

In terms of patents, I regard the ones below as simply yet more pulications.)

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