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Stuff I've read relatively recently, or that unduly influenced me, or that's in one of my to-be-read piles...

[last updated: 6-Nov-2000]

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These are books I own and may-or-may-not have read. I used the term "literary" in the title of this page loosely. I may or may not have purchased my copies through -- e.g. some were gifts. This list isn't complete; there's stuff I've read that isn't listed, and there's unlisted, to-be-read-one-of-these-days stuff piled up around here. I will (in general) list technical computer science and software books somewhere else, when I get around to it (or maybe not, I haven't decided). I add stuff to the list whimsically.

My books & music "want list" is here...

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I do use Amazon myself. I've purchased a number of books from them and have been quite satisfied with their service.

I view their associates program as a form of "sponsorship" rather than classic in-your-face-with-near-total-lies advertising, which I despise. One of these days I'll write a rant of my views on such and put a link to it here.

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