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Stuff to get when I get around to it...

[last updated: 23-Nov-2000]

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Software Systems: Modeling, Design, and Development Processes & Tools, Services

Software (misc) Cosmology and Science in general Internet, Technology, Science and Society & Law Music
• Tori Amos
        Little Earthquakes
        Under the Pink
        From the Choirgirl Hotel
• Baka Beyond
        Spirit of the Forest
        The Meeting Pool
        Journey Between
• Frank Black 
        Cult of Rays
        Frank Black and the Catholics
• Barenaked Ladies
        Born on a Pirate Ship 
        Rock Spectacle 
• Beth Lisick Ordeal
• Blues Traveler 
        Live From the Fall
        Travelers and Thieves
• Terry Bozzio 
        Bozzio, Levins, Stevens: "Black Light Syndrome" 
• Brad 
        (watch for new stuff)
• Candlebox 
        (watch for new stuff)
• Billy Cobham
        Total Eclipse
• Cowboy Junkies 
        The Trinity Sessions
        Pale Sun, Crescent Moon
• Ani DiFranco
        Not So Soft
        Puddle Dive
        Out of Range
        Not a Pretty Girl
        Little Plastic Castle
        Up up up up up up
• Disappear Fear 
        Live at the Bottom Line
        Disappear Fear 
        Seed in the sahara
• The Donnas
        The Donnas
• Nick Drake
        Five Leaves Left
        Bryter Layter
        Pink Moon
        Time of No Reply
        Ragin' Full On
• Genesis 
        Seconds Out 
• Green Day 
• Goo Goo Dolls
        Hold Me Up
        Superstar Car Wash
        Boy Named Goo
• PJ Harvey
        To Bring You My Love
        Is this Desire?
        Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea
• Juliana Hatfield
        Hey Babe
        Only Everything
        Beautiful Creature
        Total System Failure
• Jimi Hendrix
        The Cry of Love
        BBC Sessions
• Allan Holdsworth 
        Road Games
        (Other stuff I don’t have)
• Hole 
        (watch for new stuff) 
• Hovercraft – Vedder’s side project.  
        (watch for new stuff)
• King Crimson
        The Great Deceiver (Live 1973-1974)
• Kronos Quartet 
        (Lots of stuff)
• L7
        smell the magic
        bricks are heavy
        (their upcoming new one in 1999: Live Omaha to Osaka)
• Low
        Long Division
        Transmission EP [EP]
        Songs for a Dead Pilot [EP]
• Mad Season 
        (If they do another album, I want it.)
• J.Mascis
        Martin + Me
        More Light
• Minutemen 
        Paranoid Time 
        Punch Line  
        What Makes a Man Start Fires? 
        Politics of Time 
        My First Bells 
        3-Way Tie (For Last) 
        Project: Mersh 
• Morphine
        Like Swimming
        The Night
        Bootleg Detriot [live]
• Bob Mould
• Mudhoney 
        Tomorrow Hit Today 
• No Doubt
        Return of Saturn
• Offspring 
        Conspiracy Of One
• Outback
        Dance the Devil Away
• Beth Orton
        trailer park
        best bit [ep]
        she cries your name [ep]
• Pavement
        Terror Twilight
• Pearl Jam
        Live on Two Legs
        (some of the live bootlegs I've seen around)
• Liz Phair 
• Rudess Morgenstein Project
        Rudess Morgenstein Project
• Screaming Trees 
• Seven Mary Three 
        (watch for new stuff)
• Sister Hazel 
        Somewhere More Familiar
• Sleater-Kinney
        Call the Doctor
• Social Distortion 
        Mommy's Little Monster
        Prison Bound?
        Social Distortion
        Live at the Roxy
• Sonic Youth 
        Washing Machine
        Bad Moon Rising 
• Stanford Prison Experiment
        The Gato Hunch
• Train
        (watch for new stuff)
• Tuatara
        Breaking the Ethers
• Townes VanZandt 
        The Late Great Townes Van Zandt 
        At My Window 
        Live at the Old Quarter (Houston, Texas) 
        Rain on a Conga Drum: Live in Berlin 
• Pete Townsend
        Who Came First
        Rough Mix
        Another Scoop
        White City - Novel?
        The Iron Man?
        Psychoderelict (music only)
• The Wallflowers
• The Who
        Who Are You
        Face Dances
        It's Hard
        Live at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970
• Dar Williams
        The Honesty Room
        Mortal City
        End of the Summer
• Lucinda Williams 
        Happy Woman Blues?
        Lucinda Williams?
        Sweet Old World?
• Winger
• Frank Zappa 
        Everything he did, but especially... 
                Hot Rats 
                Shut Up & Play Yer Guitar 
                Symphonic compositions 
                Freak Out

Disclosure/Disclaimer Last updated: 15-Feb-1999

This list is honestly my "want list" for books & music. It is likely incomplete at any point in time -- I'm always noticing stuff that looks interesting but don't always write it down -- but I actually carry this list around in my Pilot and try to look it over when I find myself at the record store or bookstore.

I don't always know "fer shure" that I "really" want a given item. Often I want to check it out cuz I read or otherwise heard about it -- maybe I won't like it once I give it a listen, who knows? In terms of music, some are ones I have on vinyl and want on CD. Some are ones I've been keeping an eye out for for years (boy, the Web sure makes that a different task now -- it's way easier to pro-actively search for obscure stuff). Items that I've tagged with "?" are ones I'm curious about and realize I'm simply curious about 'em. Check out this page for some of what's presently sitting on my bookshelf. If yer innarested in a hint of what's in my music collection (actually what I've listened to most recently, only in terms of artists though, not in terms of the album names), see my credits page.

This site is an Amazon Associate site -- the above links carry you to Amazon and if you end up purchasing something (without first leaving their site) then I get a percentage of the sale. This helps support my Kings Mountain Systems web pages which are hosted at an independent ISP rather than Stanford.

I use Amazon myself. I've purchased a number of books from them and have been quite satisfied with their service.

I view their associates program as a form of "sponsorship" rather than classic in-your-face-with-near-total-lies advertising, which I despise. One of these days I'll write a rant of my views on such and put a link to it here.

Special note about music...

I try to purchase used CDs as much as possible. I have purchased a couple of CDs from Amazon, but don't make a habit of it because of the price differential with that of used ones -- and we have several quite good used CD shops here in the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm providing the music/CD links above (1) as a part of this sponsorship gig, and (2) for your (and my) potential convenience.

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• Genesis
        Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

• Hovercraft – Vedder’s side project.

• Husker Du
       Zen Arcade
       New Day Rising
       Flip Your Wig
       Warehouse: Songs and Stories

• Low
        The Curtain Hits the Cast

• Bob Mould
        last dog and pony show

• Social Distortion
        Somewhere between Heaven and Hell
        White Light, White Heat, White Trash

• Pete Townsend
All the Best Cowboys have Chinese Eyes